Reliable handling and optimized transportation is critical in the agricultural industry. Growers are looking for efficient methods to protect and transport vegetables, seed and fruit during field harvest, in-plant handling, staging and processing. Key trends facing the agricultural industry:

  • Automation – The use of more automation and robotics in the field to make farming more efficient 
  • Sustainability – As farmers work to protect the planet, they are looking for ways to sustainably move product in the supply chain 
  • Transportation efficiency – Farmers want to ship more product per truckload 

Hand-held totes and trays are ideal for field harvest. Hygienic plastic pallets are available for storage and shipment. Bulk containers, based on the industry standard 40 x 48 footprint are ideal for bulk handling. All products are available in FDA-compliant materials. Easily cleaned and sanitized, reusables are an economical improvement over single-use corrugated cases and wood pallets.

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