Automated Systems

Automation solves some of the biggest supply chain challenges. Robotics and automated processes support a lack of labor and higher production volumes. It can help companies eliminate human error to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency to get products into the hands of the consumer more quickly. Automation technologies assist the movement of materials and good to improve overall handling.

Key trends include:

  • Micro fulfillment Centers – Retailers are fulfilling as close to the consumer as possible with smaller, regional fulfillment centers.  
  • Robotics – Robots transport materials, perform various tasks and streamline/automate processes in warehouses and production facilities. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) use GPS systems to create effective routes through a specific warehouse with an advanced laser guidance system. 
  • Automated vehicles – Unmanned forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGV), laser guided vehicles (LGV) and autonomous mobile robots are driving efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers. 

ORBIS offers its family of AROS totes designed specifically for use with automated systems, as well many plastic pallets that.

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