The beverage industry is always evolving to add more innovative beverages for today’s consumers. From water to carbonated soft drinks and tea to energy drinks, beverage companies are constantly launching new products, flavors and packaging (cans, bottles, etc.)

Key trends include:

  • Sustainability – Beverage companies are looking reduce waste and conserve resources 
  • Automation – Due to volume, beverage companies are highly automated and demand precise trays and pallets to interface with equipment 
  • Cleanliness – Keeping plants and equipment clean is critical. Easy to clean, smooth, plastic packaging with no nails, rust, or splinters enables hygienic operations 

Transport and store unitized food and beverage loads faster, safer and more sustainably with ORBIS’ complete solution of standard 44” x 56” pallets, layer pads and top frames. Smaller finished goods pallets and beverage shells are designed for efficient retail deliveries. All products are reusable and 100% recyclable, which creates a sustainable supply chain solution.

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