Bakery Trays

ORBIS Bakery systems drive efficiency in the bakery industry. Baskets are designed for the efficient flow of buns throughout the supply chain…from the bakery to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, restaurants, foodservice/concession outlets and convenience stores. When full, these plastic reusable baskets stack securely for easy transport and merchandising. When empty, they cross-stack and nest for back room and truck space savings. These bun trays can be integrated with automated systems and offer smooth surfaces and contoured corners to prevent product damage. Combine with plastic pallets and dollies for a full system to quickly move, store, ship and merchandise all types of bakery items, from bakery to retail. These plastic trays are fully recyclable at the end of their service life. Asset tracking systems available to reduce loss.

Download Reusable Solutions for the Bakery Supply Chain here.

*Baskets may be shipped floor loaded or on skids.

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